We work with passionate organizations committed to
intentionally developing contagious cultures of generosity and
individuals who contribute to thriving missions.

The Impact

Increased Funding

Funding follows a passionate and clear vision. We work with organizations to shape their messaging so that it is both understandable and unique to their audience. This allows supporters to hear an amplified voice of the impact the mission is reaching and give them ways to respond with generosity and action. A culture of generosity makes giving convenient and understood, so that many hands can touch a need and move the mission forward.

Relationships + Champions

People are valuable resources to be cultivated and stewarded. When organizations reach out to engage supporters through consistent communications and with a personal approach they create two-way roads of conversation that lead to developing champions for the cause. The secret sauce to multiply your development efforts is the ability to rally an army of individuals as passionate and committed to your mission as you are… they can help take you further than you could go on your own.

Vibrant Staff = Contagious Cultures

Organizational cultures need to be consciously nurtured in order to grow. The attitudes and productivity of each staff member leave an impression in the atmosphere and have a direct correlation to the goals the team is working so hard to achieve. Leaders have the ability to enlarge the personal and professional capacity of key individuals that can create a ripple effect of influence through the organization.

Selah’s passion, creativity, and fun personality are contagious. Her insight, experience, and innovative ideas are top notch when it comes to developing a culture of generosity and leadership. Any organization would be blessed to benefit from her wisdom.

Craig Groeschel,
Senior Pastor of LifeChurch.tv


Our Core Services


When I started working with inner-city children in after-school programming 8 years ago, I never dreamed how the work (and my responsibilities would grow). Incorporation, additional staff, and growth in our scope of impact eventually landed me squarely in the position of primary fundraiser for our organization. I really needed someONE who could coach me on how to be effective in my role of telling our story and recruiting advocates for our organization. I needed someone who would give me ideas, as well as let me bounce ideas. I needed someone to help me “connect the dots” between my education, self-study, and what I was actually experiencing. Selah Hirsch was the kind of “coach” I needed to revolutionize our approach to recruiting advocates and securing the necessary funds to run our organization. Our organization, our presentation, and our approach will never be the same.

Valerie Sherrer,
Founder and Development Director, Novo Ministries


Ebook Download

Learn to cultivate genuine relationships with your donors that inspire generosity.
This resource will teach you the art of how to confidently approach donors… when you value the gift of giving in people’s lives.
Written by Pipelime Founder and Strategist, Selah Hirsch




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