Fundraising can feel much like a treacherous, uphill hike. With looming deadlines and mounting funding needs, the daily work can be exhausting. But you are not alone; with our help it can be a thrilling journey with rewarding results!

Our goal is to help generate sustainable funding by developing thriving cultures of gratitude that engage the connectedness of donor audiences… for the purpose of furthering inspiring missions that make our world a more beautiful place.
– Selah Hirsch, Pipelime

With over a decade of experience, we are ready to come alongside you to help strengthen your fundraising and see you reach your goals. Our consulting and coaching programs blend classic systems with a fresh perspective to grow the fundamental areas within your strategic plan. With our help, you will be able to more effectively grow your donor audience, write engaging messaging, and boldly approach your supporters… for funding that thrives!

Development Target Areas

The framework of who you are and your mission needs to resonate deeply with your audience to build a reputation of trust that dollars can follow.

Tell the beautiful and moving story of your mission in a way that compels the hearts of people to partner with you and help you make the world a better place.

Say it again and again and again… in a way that sticks so that people not only hear your message but remember it in a way that they are able to share it with others and become champions of your mission.

Donor Relations
Connect genuinely with people in authentic and transparent ways that inspires generosity and builds an army of support to enable new waves of impact and change.


Our Services

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