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 Assessment of Messaging clarity and reach, provide suggestions Mission and Vision mapping Determine scope of reach, including custom Communication MATRIX points Assess Boilerplate Copy, provide suggestions Identify Donor Motivations to giving

Story Telling:

 Assessment of Story Telling engagement and effectiveness, provide suggestions Develop organizational story framework and stylistic approach to donor audience Develop quality checkpoints, including balance of Emotion Vs. Fact components Social media strategy to highlight diversity of the mission


 Assess Communications infrastructure, provide suggestions Build custom Master Communications Calendar and Constituent Giving Map Review unique giving rhythms with cyclical affect, provide suggestions Assessment of website and online presence, provide suggestions

Donor Relations and Major Donors:

 Assessment of current strategy and relational efforts, provide suggestions Coaching on Major Giver vs. Mid‐Giver segmentation and cultivation techniques Coaching on Moves Management Assess donor understanding of gift impact, provide suggestions Craft donor survey and talking points for desired feedback Develop giving targets (if applicable) Establish a Gratitude Strategy to mass, mid and major donor segments

Internal Operations:

 Assess receipt process and donation processing, provide suggestions Assess database effectiveness, provide suggestions

Staff Development:

 Presentation: Participation in a Vibrant Giving Culture Develop framework for staff involvement with donor relations Developmental coaching for key staff members (8‐week coaching program)

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