Founder and Strategist

Selah Hirsch founded Pipelime to help passionate organizations generate sustainable funding and develop organizational cultures that thrive!
For the past decade, Selah has worked with many prominent organizations in the field of communications, community relations and strategic donor development. She believes that when fresh perspective is applied to fundamental processes and practical techniques, people will rally around a mission and move to become contributors instead of consumers or observers. Selah and her husband Michael live in Norman, Oklahoma, with their two precious children and their adorable Boston Terrier. Contact Selah directly at to discuss your organizational goals and development strategy.

Designed to resource the outlier areas that work to make development and organizational strategies successful, we have a wonderful team that specializes in making the impact of your mission even more AWESOME!

Selah Hirsch is one of the greatest next generation leaders in our culture today! She is on the forefront of leadership in many areas, especially in the area of helping others live into their potential and dreams! She is passionate, articulate, compassionate, and effective in all that she does. Her influence on our organizations will be felt for decades to come. Not only will she help you learn how to be effective now, she will help you discover systems that will ensure a great future!

Clark Mitchell,
Sr. Pastor of Journey Church and Founder of Loveworks Leadership, Inc.